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What is CarBe?

carbe  /kär·bē/  noun  -  Car  Be  Yours



CarBe is developing a new way to unlock cars by replacing key fobs with our smartphones.


Keys - usually pocket-sized and tangible - serve a fundamental purpose of unlocking/locking doors and authenticating the rightful owner. However, keys should not be a separate component, they should be something we carry on ourselves at all times.



Our prototype maintains this throughout its vision by using improved wireless communication (such as near field communication (NFC) or Bluetooth Low Energy) to keep those fundamental functions of a key while also using pre-existing infrastructure that most people have - their smartphone.



CarBe will offer a module to install inside a car that can facilitate the communication between the smartphone and car's pre-existing central locking system. 





  1. User moves close to driver’s side door with their smartphone

  2. With key added to smart wallet*, the phone is constantly sensing wireless signals and, therefore, detects module and prompts the user for a biometric feature**

  3. The connection is confirmed instantaneously and the doors are unlocked

*Through the mobile app and smartphone API, a key can be added into the OS’s smart wallet without having to open an app.

**Fail-safe for biometrics will be the smartphones password.




CarBe marks a shift in the way we view cars - not as engines we drive but as engines that drive us. It’s through this apparatus that, in the future, authorized riders can gain access to self-driving taxis by confirming when exactly such rider unlocked the car. 



Current stage: Prototype made. Patent-Pending.

Contact information - carbe(@)omkaindustries(dot)com


CarBe is patent-pending and use of such concepts is subject to approval by the assignee Omar Mustafa Kamal Ahmad Industries, Inc and its subsidiary CarBe, LLC.

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